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February 7, 2017

Accolade Introduces the ATLAS-1000 Fully Integrated, 1U OEM
Application Acceleration Platform

Unprecedented Application Acceleration and CPU host offload in a compact, modular platform
Atlas-1000 | Accolade Technology

ATLAS-1000, Fully Integrated, 1U OEM Application Acceleration Platform

Franklin, MA, February 7, 2017 –  Accolade today announced the ATLAS-1000, a fully integrated, 1U application acceleration platform that strategically enables OEM customers to develop leading edge, value added network security and monitoring software applications through a turnkey model.

The ATLAS-1000 features a powerful multi-core Intel CPU, memory and storage simultaneously integrating Accolade’s APP (Advanced Packet Processor) onboard FPGA with acceleration features that include lossless packet capture, flow classification, packet steering, packet merging, packet filtering, nanosecond precision timestamping and more.

Key Benefits of the ATLAS-1000:

  • Compact 1U Form Factor: Two ATLAS-1000 units side-by-side in a standard 19-inch rack
  • Featuring: Flow classification, deduplication, nanosecond timestamping with 64 byte packets
  • Scalable, Modulular Design: FPGA on Motherboard, x86 COM Express module with 16/32GB DRAM
  • Targeted Applications: Flow Generation, Distributed Monitoring/DPI, In-line Packet Processing
  • Pluggable Interface Modules (PIM): 4 x 10GE or 2 x 40GE, Integrated optical TAP or optical bypass
  • Multiple Integrated Timing Sources: GPS, IEEE-1588/PTP and 1PPS, optional OCXO 

“The ATLAS-1000 is an innovative product for the application acceleration market,” said Jag Bolaria, Principal analyst at the Linley Group, a leading supplier of independent technology research and analysis. “State of the art Network Security software applications are being pushed to the limit and will greatly benefit by using Accolade’s powerful, compact and modular platform to offload acceleration functions in hardware”.

ATLAS-1000 Fully Integrated 1U OEM Application Acceleration Platform “The ATLAS-1000 enables an unprecedented level of scalability and integration in a compact platform for our OEM software partners”, said Accolade CEO Robbie Dhillon. “The demanding nature of mission critical cyber security & monitoring applications require the CPU offload and advanced acceleration delivered by the ATLAS-1000 at the absolute best value in the market”.

Accolade Introduces ATLAS-1000 Integrated Application Acceleration Platform

About Accolade

Accolade is the technology leader in FPGA-based Host CPU Offload and 100% Packet Capture PCIe NIC’s and Scalable 1U Platforms. Accolade’s line of 1-100GE products enable 100% packet capture, flow classification, flow shunting, deduplication, packet filtering and more. Our customers are global leaders in network monitoring & cybersecurity applications as well as in the network test and measurement, telecom and video stream monitoring markets.

FPGA Acceleration Features

100% Packet Capture | Flow Classification | Flow Shunting | Precise Time Stamping | Packet Merging | Packet Slicing | Packet Parsing | Packet Filtering | Deduplication | Host Packet Buffer | Packet Steering | Direct Memory Access (DMA) | Statistics (RMON1)

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