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Accolade Technology Introduces ANIC-40K the Industry’s First FPGA based advanced Quad 10 GigE Packet Processing Adapter


Brockton, MA, June 15, 2011 – Accolade Technology, Inc. today announced the ANIC-40K, the first FPGA based Quad 10 GigE SFP+ based Packet Processing Adapter featuring 8-lane Gen 2 PCI Express and Accolade’s Advanced Packet Processor (APP) firmware in a state-of-the-art FPGA. The ANIC-40K achieves full line rates of 40 Gbps lossless packet capture and processing.

“The ANIC-40K was developed in response to customers requests for four 10 GigE ports per PCIE slot hence enabling single PCIE slot appliances to deploy four 10 GigE capture ports and larger appliances to support 16 or more 10 GE capture ports.  The ANIC-40K satisfies this need while offloading the Host CPU with Time Stamp Synchronization, Packet Re-ordering and Aggregation between multiple adapters,” said Robbie Dhillon, CEO of Accolade Technology.

The APP enables advanced Host Offload processing functions which include RMON Statistics, Packet Filtering, Packet Slicing, Packet De-duplication, Packet Re-Ordering  and Hash based Load balancing. The ANIC-40K includes standard features such as serial 1 PPS and integrate IEEE-1588 V2 support.

“Modern TOR Switches and Work Group Routers often feature Quad 10GbE uplinks,” said Jag Bolaria, Senior Analyst with the Linley Group. “The ANIC-40K is a well timed introduction for monitoring these Switches and Routers.”

ANIC-40K Product Highlights Include:
8-lane Gen 2 PCI Express
Full rate packet capture on 4, 10 GigE SFP+ ports
Precise time stamping to 8 nS
Advanced Packet Processor Rev G
1 PPS input and IEEE1588v2 (PTP) for external timing reference

The ANIC-40K will ship to OEM customers in July 2011 with a Software Development Kit including Linux drivers and a comprehensive API.

About Accolade Technology
Based in Massachusetts, Accolade Technology is the technology leader in the FPGA based Application Acceleration Adapter/NIC market. Accolade’s ANIC series of advanced Adapters are optimized to offload multi-core host CPUs in a variety of target applications including network monitoring, network/cyber security, (IPS, IDS, DPI, DDoS, Network Forensics) network test, latency measurement and video monitoring.

Accolade’s NICs offer lossless packet capture at Line Rate, the richest acceleration feature sets at the best value per GigE port in the 1 GigE to 100 GigE performance spectrum.
Accolade Technology introduces Industry’s first quad 10 GigE packet processing adapter, the ANIC – 40K

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