Corelight, Arista and Accolade Deliver World Class Bro Solution

Corelight Integrates Accolade’s ANIC-40Ku (4 x 10GE) Adapter into BroBox One Appliance

Corelight (formerly Broala) is the market leading provider of enterprise class Bro solutions. Corelight brings the power of open-source Bro to the Global 2000 enterprise with a fully supported, highly efficient and scalable network monitoring framework. Corelight’s flagship BroBox One appliance transforms raw network traffic into rich data streams for real-time analysis, intrusion detection and forensics. BroBox One provides a carefully tailored subset of Bro functionality.

Corelight engineers have deep software expertise and possess intricate knowledge of the inner workings of Bro. In addition to providing the most optimal Bro implementation they are also focused on offering additional value-added capabilities with BroBox such as intuitive configuration, secure operation, automated updates, comprehensive REST APIs and more. However, in order to provide a large-scale Bro implementation Corelight engineers knew that software alone is not enough.

Learn how Corelight solved the key large-scale Bro implementation challenges below by integrating Accolade’s 4 x 10G (ANIC-40Ku) FPGA-based adapter to enable lossless 10G performance and key packet processing features such as merging of incoming data streams in timestamp order to recreate bi-directional traffic flows.


  • Guarantee 100% lossless packet capture across all ports
  • Require merging of data streams in timestamp order to recreate bidirectional traffic flows
  • Require high performance, cost effective adapter with full service support




Application Acceleration Partner

Accolade is the technology leader in advanced, lossless packet capture and acceleration adapters and OEM acceleration platforms. Accolade’s 1-100GE ANIC FPGA-based adapters and ATLAS series of acceleration platforms help accelerate network/cyber security and monitoring applications developed by the world’s leading networking companies. ANIC adapters are fully PCIe compliant and seamlessly integrate into standard servers offered by companies such as Cisco, Dell, HP, Super Micro and others. Accolade’s OEM customers offer products for network security and monitoring, flow classification, deep packet inspection, network test and measurement, video stream monitoring, high frequency trading (HFT), and more.

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