Seamlessly Integrate FPGA-based Flow Processing into Your Network Security and Monitoring Software Application


[New Product] Accolade Delivers Groundbreaking Dual 100G Flow Classification Adapter

[Tech Brief] Gain Complete, Dynamic Control Over Traffic Flows in Your Network Security Appliance

Xcell Daily Blog: Accolade’s FPGA-accelerated Flow Shunting feature speeds packets through 10, 40, and 100GE data center networks

[New Feature] Accolade Introduces FPGA-based Flow Shunting for Significant CPU Offload and Cost Savings

FPGA CPU Offloading 1-100G NICs/Platform Enable 100% Packet Capture and Deliver Unprecedented Application Acceleration

Flow Classification Functions in an FPGA Enable Host CPU Offload, Decrease Disk Utilization and Boost Application Acceleration

Ensure the Reliability of Your Network with FPGA-based Packet Filtering