QSFP28 is Becoming the Universal Form Factor in 25/40/100GE Data Center Installations

[Case Study] Flow Shunting Reduces Costs and Revitalizes Product Line

Seamlessly Integrate FPGA-based Flow Processing into Your Network Security and Monitoring Software Application


[New Product] Accolade Delivers Groundbreaking Dual 100G Flow Classification Adapter

Flow Classification Functions in an FPGA Enable Host CPU Offload, Decrease Disk Utilization and Boost Application Acceleration

Streamline the Process of Flow Record Generation In 10/40GE Large Scale Deployments

1U, OEM Application Acceleration Platform Use Cases: Flow Exporter, Data Duplicator, Cluster Load Balancer, Inline DPI & more

Inline DPI & Blacklist Matching: Hardware-based Flow Classification Use Cases

Hardware-based Flow Classification at 20G, 40G, 80G, and 100G