FPGA-based Host CPU Offload 1-100GE NIC’s / Platforms
Decrease Power Consumption & Increase Effeciency

Reducing Power Consumption, a Significant Cost Consideration for Network Security / Monitoring Software Companies

Significantly Reduce Feature Development Costs with Scalable OEM Application Acceleration Solutions

Open Source Network Monitoring & Security Appliance Developers Benefit from Built-In Advanced Application Acceleration with PF_Ring Support

Accolade to Sponsor FloCon
Jan 9-12, 2017: An Open Forum
for Large-Scale Network Analytics

COTS Journal: Scalable 100G Adapter Enables Network and Security Monitoring Application Acceleration

Focus on Developing Leading Edge Cyber Security & Network Monitoring Solutions Up to 200Gbps

Enable Hardware-Based Deduplication – Discard Duplicate Packets Even at 100Gbps

Dual 40GbE / 8x10GbE Enables OEM Customers to Fast-Track Product Time-to-Market

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