1-Port 100G FPGA-Based
Host CPU Offload Adapter

ANIC-100Kq Datasheet [pdf]

Host CPU Offload Features [pdf]


The ANIC-100Kq is an intelligent, cost-effective, 1-port 100G adapter/NIC designed to enhance the most demanding network monitoring and security applications by offloading the host CPU from various processor intensive tasks. The adapter is plugged into an available PCIe slot and seamlessly integrated with the host application via a software API. The adapter features a single QSFP28 interface which can accommodate SR and LR optical modules.

Packets enter the ANIC-100kq via the QSFP28 port and are processed by the onboard FPGA, which performs application critical CPU offload functions such as 100% packet capture, precise timestamping (4ns precision), flow classification, flow shunting, packet merging (in timestamp order), tunnel decapsulation (e.g. VLAN, MPLS, GRE, GTP, VXLAN), packet slicing, packet filtering, deduplication, packet steering, direct memory access (DMA)—including multi-core DMA—and more.