ANIC 200Ku
Dual Port 100G CFP4
Lossless Packet Capture Adapter

ANIC-200Ku Datasheet [pdf]

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The ANIC-200Ku is a state-of-the-art, 2-port 100G PCIe adapter/NIC designed for demanding network monitoring and security applications. This FPGA based adapter features dual 100GbE CFP4 interfaces supporting SR4 and LR4 optical modules and is designed for NEBS compliance.

The ANIC-200Ku provides sophisticated flow classification and flow shunting capabilities enabling up to 32 million unique (based on 3 or 5-tuple) IP flows to be tracked. Flow shunting enables security features such as blacklist matching by allowing individual flows to be programmatically forwarded to the CPU, dropped or redirected out of either CFP4 port.

The ANIC-200Ku comes complete with an array of packet processing features such as precise timestamping (4nS precision), packet merging, tunnel decapsulation, packet slicing, packet filtering, deduplication, packet steering, direct memory access (DMA), and more.

Diagram Illustrating ANIC-200Ku adapters interconnected to deliver full 200Gbps Data Transfer across PCIe bus


Key Features

Key Features

  • Flow Classification: track up to 32 million unique IP flows
  • Flow Shunting: forward, drop, redirect flows (blacklist matching)
  • Interconnection of two ANIC 200Ku adapters via direct attached cable (DAC) allows full 200Gbps data transfer across PCIe bus
  • Reduced power consumption: 50 watts per adapter
  • 4ns precision timestamping
  • Linux and FreeBSD drivers

Hardware Specifications

PCI Interface 16 lanes Gen 3 PCI Express
Ethernet Compliance IEEE
100G Connector CFP4 per CFP MSA Specifications
CFP4 Optical supporting LR4 & SR4 Modules
Time Stamping Resolution to 4 nS
Timing Interfaces TTL External 1 PPS input via Mini-Coax & Repeater output
Packet Memory 12 GB
Flash Memory 512 MB
Compliance EMI per FCC Part 15/EN 55022/VCCI/AS/NZS
Immunity per EN 55024 RoHS
PCI-SIG®, RoHS, REACH Compliance
Optional NEBS level 3 per GR-63 & GR-1089
Power 50 Watts, Auxiliary 12v Connector Provided
Operating Temperature 0 to 50 deg C (32 deg to 122 deg F)
Operating Humidity 0 to 95 %, non-condensing
Card Dimensions 4.25 (H) x 9.5 (L) inches (107 x 241 mm)
Full Height, 3/4 Length
4.25 (H) x 12.28 (L) inches (107 x 312 mm) • Full Height, Full Length

OEM Customer Software Development Guide (SDG) and Support:

» Software Reference Manual and Sample Code

» Comprehensive API Documentation

» Firmware Customization

» Dedicated Product Integration Support

» Linux and FreeBSD Drivers