Dual 100GE PCIe
Deep Packet Inspection Adapter

ANIC-200K Packet Capture AdaptorANIC-200K (CFP2)


The ANIC-200K is a state of the art 100G PCI Express Card designed for demanding Network Monitoring and 100G Network Interface (NIC) applications. The ANIC-200K features Dual CFP2 Interfaces which support SR10, SR4, LR4 and ER4 Modules.

The ANIC-200K features a unique architecture based on a scalable pipelined architecture, implemented in a state-of-the-art FPGA supported by a high performance DDR3 Memory sub-system. In Monitoring applications, the ANIC-200K offloads Host CPUs in applications that demand full 200 Gbps Lossless Packet Capture onto the adapter buffers and 100Gbps transfer across the PCIE bus into Host Buffers. The ANIC-200K also features a high performance TX-DMA capability which operates on a Ring Buffer or in Scatter-gather Mode.

Host offload functions for packet capture include Time Stamping, Packet Filtering, Packet Slicing and Hash based Classification. The ANIC-200K features a high performance DMA sub-system for efficient burst transfers of data across the 16 Lane, Gen 3 PCI Express Bus. The ANIC-200K presents data in a programmable organization of Ring Buffers which enable load balancing to optimize the use of Multi-Core CPU Resources.

Benefits to OEM Customers

  • >> Advanced feature sets
  • >> Seamless API
  • >> Best value per GbE port
  • >> Global OEM customer base
  • >> Unparalleled product support
  • >> Customization of firmware at no additional cost