Dual 100G PCIe
Network Accelerator

Datasheet [pdf]

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The ANIC-200K4 is a state of the art 100G PCIe NIC designed for demanding Network Monitoring and Security Applications. The ANIC-200K4 features Dual 100 GigE CFP4 Interfaces supporting LR4 and SR4 Modules.

The ANIC-200K4 highlights a unique scalable pipelined architecture implemented in a state-of-the-art FPGA supported by a high performance DDR3 Memory sub-system featuring TX-DMA capability operating on a Ring Buffer, Block Buffer or in Scatter-gather Mode across a 16 Lane PCIe, Gen 3 Bus.

The ANIC-200K4 offloads Host CPUs in monitoring applications demanding full 200 Gbps Lossless Packet Capture onto the adapter’s memory buffers and 100 Gbps transfer across the PCIe bus into Host Buffers.

In applications requiring Full 200 Gbps Lossless data Transfers into Host Buffers, two separate ANIC-200K4 NICs can be interconnected via a Direct Attached Cable (DAC) on Port 1 while receiving 100 Gbps of monitored traffic on Port 0 of each ANIC. The DAC connection between the ANIC cards enables an aggregate 200 Gbps of received traffic to be load balanced between the adapters and transferred across the PCIe bus into Host Buffers.

Application Acceleration functions include Precise Time Stamping, Advanced Packet Filtering, Deduplication, De-Tunneling, Flow Classification and much more. The ANIC-200K4 presents data in a programmable organization of Buffers enabling load balancing to optimize Host Multi-Core CPU Resources.

Timing Sub-System
The ANIC-200K4 applies a time stamp to all captured packets to a resolution of 4 ns. The ANIC-200K4 offers a flexible time stamping reference which features a 1 PPS TTL serial interface via a mini-coax connecting to external GPS, GSM and CDMA timing sources.

Software Support
The ANIC-200K4 is available complete with a software development guide including Linux and Windows Drivers and a comprehensive API featuring access to Hardware Health (Link Status, Onboard Temperature, Voltages, Power Good status) and embedded functions such as Filtering, Classification, Host Buffer and Time Stamping Sub-system control/configuration.


  • Passive and Inline Network Monitoring
  • High Performance 100G Network Interface
  • Network Forensics
  • Network Test and Measurement
  • Video Stream Monitoring and Analysis
  • Packet Generator / Playback
  • IDS/IPS & DDoS