Dual 10GE PCIe
Low Profile Capture / In-Line Adapter



The ANIC-20KH is a Dual port 10G, ½ height PCI-Express packet processing adapter. The ANIC-20KH features lossless packet capture, Precise Time Stamping, Packet Slicing and Classification, Load balancing and Packet merging.

Target Applications include Network Security Appliances, Network Test/Measurement, Data Loss Prevention Probes, Latency Monitoring and Real time Network Analysis.

Evaluate the ANIC-20KH
2 x 10G PCIe 1/2 Height Network Adapter

Benefits to OEM Customers

  • >> Advanced feature sets
  • >> Seamless API
  • >> Best value per GbE port
  • >> Global OEM customer base
  • >> Unparalleled product support
  • >> Customization of firmware at no additional cost