40GE PCIe, Gen 2
Network Adapter



The ANIC-40K is a state of the art 8-lane Gen 2, 40G PCIe 4 port capture card designed for demanding OEM Network Monitoring applications including Network Forensics, Intrusion Detection and Prevention Services.

Accolade’s scalable FPGA based Advanced Packet Processor (APP) is at the core of the ANIC-40K design. Through the APP, the ANIC-40K offloads Host CPUs in applications that demand full 40 Gbps Packet Capture at all Packet Sizes.

Additional Host offload functions include Time Stamping, Packet Filtering, Packet Slicing and Hash based Classification. The ANIC-40K also presents data in a programmable number of DMA rings performing load balancing to optimize Multi-Core CPU Resources.

Evaluate the ANIC-40K
4 x 10 PCIe, Gen2 Adapter

Benefits to OEM Customers

  • >> Advanced feature sets
  • >> Seamless API
  • >> Best value per GbE port
  • >> Global OEM customer base
  • >> Unparalleled product support
  • >> Customization of firmware at no additional cost