Application Acceleration Platforms

Accolade offers the ATLAS-1000 platform exclusively to OEM customers and systems integrators in the security/network monitoring markets. When Accolade’s OEM customers integrate their software applications with the ATLAS-1000 platform’s acceleration features sets the combined solution evolves into a network monitoring or security appliance.

Advanced 1-100GE Packet Capture and Processing Adapters

Accolade is the technology leader in advanced, lossless packet capture and acceleration adapters. Accolade’s 1-100GE ANIC FPGA-based adapters and ATLAS series of acceleration platforms help accelerate network/cyber security and monitoring applications developed by the world’s leading networking companies. ANIC adapters are fully PCIe compliant and seamlessly integrate into standard servers offered by companies such as Cisco, Dell, HP, Super Micro and others. Accolade’s OEM customers offer products for network security and monitoring, flow classification, deep packet inspection, network test and measurement, video stream monitoring, high frequency trading (HFT), and more.

Accolade adapters are available in a variety of port configurations with speeds ranging from 1 to 100 Gbps. Each adapter performs lossless packet capture and a variety of acceleration functions such as time stamping, packet filtering, and flow classification.

ANIC Features Summary
1 Model ANIC- 2KL ANIC- 4KL ANIC- 20Ku ANIC- 40Ku ANIC-80Ku ANIC- 100K4 ANIC- 200K4 ANIC- 200Ku
2 Port/Type 2 X 1G SFP 4 X 1G SFP 2 X 10G SFP+ 4 X 10G SFP+ 2 X 40G QSFP+
8 X 10G QSFP+
1 X 100G CFP4 2 X 100G CFP4 2 x 100G CFP4
3 PCIe Interface Gen2 x8 Gen2 x8 Gen3 x8 Gen3 x8 Gen3 x8 Gen3 x16 Gen3 x16 Gen3 x16
4 Dimensions (H x L inches) 4.25 x 6. 25 4.25 x 6. 25 4.25 x 6. 25 4.25 x 6. 25 4.25 x 6.25 4.25 x 9.5 4.25 x 9.5 4.25 x 9.5
5 Memory 256MB 256MB 4G 4G 4G 6G 6/12G 12G
6 Timestamp 10 nS 10 nS 5.7 nS 5.7 nS 5.7 nS 4 nS 4 nS 4 nS
7 Lossless Packet Capture
8 Gigamon, Arista Timestamp
9 Packet Merging
10 Packet Parsing