Network Performance Analytics Startup Relies on ATLAS-1000

Proprietary Hash Algorithm Calculation in the FPGA
Resulted in 70% Savings in CPU Cycles

Learn how a network performance analysis startup, laser focused in developing breakthrough analytics solutions, solved key challenges to deliver a distinct market leading product. The platform had to meet specific requirements to be deployed in multiple telecom customer networks as a network sensor or probe.

Specifically for this startup, Accolade implemented a proprietary hash algorithm calculation in the FPGA, resulting in an eye-popping 70% savings in CPU cycles. This particular custom feature resulted in significant performance improvement and was one of the driving forces behind selecting Accolade for this time sensitive project.

Key Challenges:

  • Highly CPU intensive hash algorithm
  • Ultra precise timing
  • Platform requiring small footprint
  • Lossless packet capture across all ports
  • 10G and 40G network interfaces with optical tap

ATLAS-1000 Solution:

  • Hash processing algorithm in FPGA = 70% savings in CPU cycles
  • Hardware timestamping with OCXO assist
  • Two ATLAS-1000 platforms fit in 19 inch rack
  • 100% packet capture
  • 10G and 40G network interfaces with integrated optical tap



About Accolade

Accolade is the technology leader in FPGA-based Host CPU Offload and 100% Packet Capture PCIe NIC’s and Scalable 1U Platforms. Accolade’s line of 1-100GE products enable 100% packet capture, flow classification, flow shunting, deduplication, packet filtering and more. Our customers are global leaders in network monitoring & cybersecurity applications as well as in the network test and measurement, telecom and video stream monitoring markets.

FPGA Acceleration Features

100% Packet Capture | Flow Classification | Flow Shunting | Precise Time Stamping | Packet Merging | Packet Slicing | Packet Parsing | Packet Filtering | Deduplication | Host Packet Buffer | Packet Steering | Direct Memory Access (DMA) | Statistics (RMON1)

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