Single Port 100G CFP4 Flow
Classification Adapter

ANIC-100Ku Datasheet [pdf]

Host CPU Offload Features [pdf]



The ANIC-100Ku is a high performance single port 100G PCIe adapter/NIC ideal for packet capture and flow classification applications. Based on Xilinx’s Ultrascale FPGA technology, it offers a CFP4 interface supporting SR4 and LR4 optical modules and is designed for NEBS compliance.

The ANIC-100Ku is positioned for OEM customers developing mission critical 100G network monitoring and security applications requiring 100% packet capture and processing down to 64 byte packets. The adapter enables crucial host CPU offload in Flow Export, DDOS mitigation and Data Deduplication applications.

The ANIC-100Ku provides sophisticated flow classification and flow shunting capabilities enabling up to 32 million unique (based on 3 or 5-tuple) IP flows to be tracked. Flow shunting enables security features such as blacklist matching by allowing individual flows to be programmatically forwarded to the CPU, dropped or redirected out of the CFP4 port.

The ANIC-100Ku comes complete with an array of packet processing features such as precise nano second timestamping, packet merging, tunnel decapsulation, packet slicing, packet filtering, deduplication, packet steering, direct memory access (DMA), and more.

Timing Sub-System
The ANIC-100Ku applies a time stamp to all captured packets to a resolution of 4 nS. The ANIC-100Ku offers a flexible time stamping reference which features a 1 PPS TTL serial interface via a mini-coax connecting to external GPS, GSM and CDMA timing sources.