Infrastructure and Cyber Security

National Security

Historically, citizens relied on conventional law enforcement to safeguard their life and liberty. Today, much of the responsibility for protecting the public welfare falls on those who manage networks. Governments, military, utilities and transportation agencies – to name a few – are increasingly becoming targets of cyber-attacks by hostile foreign governments, terrorist groups and criminal syndicates. These organizations realize that attacking public infrastructure or defense related assets can cripple an entire population and wreak havoc.

To stay one step ahead, cyber security professionals and architects must rely on leading edge security technologies to safeguard the myriad networks that make up the public infrastructure.  There is very little room for compromise when it comes to protecting these essential assets because the well-being of a nation may be at stake.



Key Challenges

The challenges facing those responsible for guarding a nation’s public infrastructure and defense assets are immense and continually growing. The challenges include:

  • Protecting Legacy Infrastructure. In many cases the infrastructure to be protected was built decades ago before there were even connected networks. These assets can be difficult to protect because they were never implemented with cyber security considerations in mind.
  • Lack of Resources. Spending on public infrastructure and defense often rests on the whims of politics and uncertain budgets. Therefore needed resources, both human and otherwise, are often not available.
  • Identifying Malicious Behavior. In order to stop or prevent a cyberattack you must first identify how it was committed. Network forensics can be used to discover patterns of fraudulent behavior and how that behavior was perpetuated.

Why Accolade Technology?

Accolade Technology is a leading provider of the most advanced FPGA based application acceleration PCIe Adapters/NICs. For over a decade Accolade has provided network adapter acceleration solutions to OEMs in the government and defense markets.

We offer global OEM customers, distributors, and systems integrators:

  • A cost competitive solution to help accelerate the performance of security appliances.
  • Unparalleled software expertise to help minimize the effort required to implement your software logic on our FPGA based adapters.
  • Leading edge products that are first to market and always ahead of the technology curve such as our dual port 100GigE solution.
  • A 60-day, cost free product evaluation to allow you to test and evaluate Accolade’s comprehensive feature sets and seamless API integration.

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