Dual 10GE PCle Gen 3
Advanced Flow Processor

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The ANIC-20Ku is a state of the art Dual 10GE PCI Express Gen 3 adapter designed for the most demanding Network Monitoring and Offload applications. The ANIC-20Ku features Dual SFP+ Interfaces which support Copper twin-ax and Optical Modules supporting SR and LR Modules.

The ANIC-20Ku is based on Accolade’s next generation Advanced Packet Processor, implemented in a state of the art FPGA supported by a 2GB (option for 4GB) high performance DDR4 Memory sub-system. Ideal for mission critical host CPU offload applications, the ANIC-20Ku is designed for lossless packet capture and transfer at 20Gbps across the PCIe bus.

Advanced host CPU offload functions include Hash based Classification of up to 16 million Flows, Application Aware Flow Management, Traffic Management and Packet De-duplication. The ANIC-20Ku’s DMA Memory sub-system is designed for efficient burst transfers of data across the 8 lane Gen 3 PCI Express Bus. The ANIC-20Ku presents data in a programmable organization of Buffer Rings which enable load balancing and optimized use of Multi-Core CPU Resources.

Timing Sub-System
The timing sub-system in the ANIC-20Ku features an optional Temperature Controlled Crystal Oscillator (TCXO) as a stable high precision clock source. The ANIC-20Ku features a flexible timing sub-system which may be  disciplined to NTP, IEEE-1588 and 1 PPS input from external GPS, GSM and CDMA timing sources.

Software Support
The ANIC-20Ku is available with a software development package and Linux Drivers and a comprehensive API that supports access to Hardware Health (PHY Status, Onboard Temperature, Voltages) and embedded functions such as Filtering, Classification, Host Buffer Management and Time Stamping Sub- system control/configuration.


  • Passive TAP Monitoring
  • Span and Mirror Port Monitoring
  • In-Line Monitoring
  • Network Latency Measurement
  • Packet Generator / Playback
  • Network Forensics
  • Intrusion Detection
Key Features

ANIC-20Ku Features Include

  • Gigamon, Arista Timestamp
  • Flow Classification
  • Flow Based Filtering
  • Packet Merging
  • Packet Parsing
  • Tunneling Protocol Processing
  • Packet Slicing
  • Packet Filtering
  • Deduplication
  • Packet Steering
  • DMA (Direct Memory Access)
  • Multi-core DMA
  • Timestamp 5.7 nS
  • RMON1 (RFC 2819) Statistics
  • Onboard Sensors

Hardware Specifications

PCI Interface 8 lanes Gen 3 PCI Express
Ethernet Compliance 802.3aq for 10GbE and 1000Base-X for 1GbE
Time Stamping Resolution to 5.7 nS
Timing Interfaces 1 PPS Interface
Packet Memory 2 GB to 4 GB DDR4 Capture Buffer
Flash Memory 32 MB
Compliance EMI per FCC Part 15/EN  55022/VCCI/AS/NZS
Immunity per EN 55024
Power Max 30 Watts without SFP Modules Installed
Operating Temperature 0 to 50 deg C
Operating  Humidity 0 to 95 % non-condensing
Card Dimensions 4.25 x 6.5 inches / 107 x 165 mm

OEM Customer Software Development Guide (SDG) and Support:

» Software Reference Manual and Sample Code

» Comprehensive API Documentation

» Firmware Customization

» Dedicated Product Integration Support

» Linux and FreeBSD Drivers