Data Center and Cloud Services

The Virtualization Era

The enterprise data center landscape has evolved tremendously in recent years  with a dizzying array of new technologies and architectures emerging on the scene. The single most transformative trend has been the commercialization of virtualization technology.  Server, storage and network virtualization or the more marketing friendly term “software defined data center” (SDDC) coupled with the advent of the “cloud” have had a profound impact on how CIOs think about their data center infrastructure. But these trends bring with them new management, security and deployment challenges which must all be carefully reviewed and considered.

When implemented properly, new data center architectures provide unprecedented gains in agility and flexibility which in turn increases business efficiency. For example, by utilizing third party cloud services an enterprise can absorb a sudden burst in e-commerce traffic due to a seasonal or one-time event.

Key Challenges

New data center technologies and architectures bring with them a fresh set of challenges which CIOs must be prepared to tackle.

  • Virtualization. With the advent of server, storage and network virtualization an IT manager can no longer just point to where resources are located. A robust network monitoring infrastructure is crucial to keep up with the constant shuffle of basic IT building blocks.
  • Hybrid Cloud. Do I need to use the cloud? If so, do I implement a private cloud? Use the public cloud? Or maybe take a hybrid cloud approach? These are questions that CIOs grapple with constantly.
  • Security. Security has always been a top data center concern, but with the emergence of data center architectures which  extend outside the traditional corporate firewall, network security takes on a whole new dimension.
  • Return on Investment (ROI). Corporate IT spending will forever be a cost center and hence subject to close scrutiny.. With each new technology or architecture change a cost benefit analysis must justify the new spending.

Why Accolade Technology?

Accolade Technology is a leading provider of the most advanced FPGA based application acceleration PCIe Adapters/NICs. For over a decade Accolade has provided network adapter acceleration solutions to OEMs in the enterprise data center market.

We offer global OEM customers, distributors, and systems integrators:

  • A cost competitive solution to help accelerate the performance of enterprise infrastructure.
  • Unparalleled software expertise to help minimize the effort required to implement your software logic on our FPGA based adapters.
  • Leading edge products that are first to market and always ahead of the technology curve such as our dual port 100GigE solution.
  • A 60-day, cost free product evaluation to allow you to test and evaluate Accolade’s comprehensive feature sets and seamless API integration.

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